Road Rash Full Game Setup Free Download 2019

Road Rash Full Game Setup Free Download 2019

We all admire gaming in our childhood, we still love it but, those good old games were on a different level. One of the games which I really liked was Road Rash, I still do.

It was my first racing game and there were times when I use to play it all day, I assume many did the same. So, let us bring the old days back and add the old gem in our collection once again,

What is Road Rash?

Road Rash is basically a classic game of the early 90’s which had its version continued till 2000. It had its windows version released in the year 1992 which was updated in the last year.

Road rash

The game is easily operable with not much difficulties to play. Yet, interesting enough to keep you occupied. It’s a game where in there’s an illegal bike race between the riders. Here in they have an option of beating their opponents in the race not just by speed but various tricks to put them down. Apart from all this there is also a  chase by police where in you have to prevent them from catching you.

It’s not a game with heavy weightage and hence its operable in low end pcs/ laptops too with basic features some of those are :

  •  512 mb ram
  • Windows xp and above
  • CPU with 75MHz processor
  • Sound card DirectX.

Steps to install Road rash.

Download the setup given.

  1. Open up the setup.It will show a dialogue box on your screen. Click on ‘Next’ .
  2. 2nd page of dialogue box will open which will give an option of putting your name. Enter your name and proceed by clicking Next.
  3. After the 2nd page on the 3rd page it will  give you an option of where to install the game. You can change it or let it be installed in “C” drive by default by pressing Next.
  4. After that the next page gives you an option for creating a shortcut. Click on next.
  5. On 5th page it shows al your information added. Again click on Next.
  6. The installation starts and a dialogue box names registry editor comes up. Click on yes.
  7. After this the final step is to click on finish and your installation will complete.

Enjoy your  Game! Thank You.


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