Eikon Trading Software and financial analysis:

Eikon Trading Software and financial analysis:


Eikon Trading software and financial analysis  is a tool for financial analysis where millions of users from the world trust in this Trading software. Their intuitive interface helps in getting all the required information and insights like news, data, and analysis for trading that provides effective and efficient information.

Eikon comes with the ultimate set of tools and the best ways to access a range of data. They have an award-winning execution management system that runs Eikon content alongside REDI. Eikon connects millions of professionals. Eikon comes with the ultimate set of tools and the best ways to access a range of data. It mainly developed for traders to understand the market which helps in making crucial decisions.



Features of  Eikon trading software and financial analysis :

Fast, Timely news and accurate data:

You can take quick decisions by evaluating real-time news that provides accurate information and gains deep insights about the commodity market. With the help of  Eikon, you can easily understand the trends and make decisions for investment.

As a news organization under Thomson Reuters, Reuters has established more than 200 branches around the world, and more than 2,800 journalists collect various market news in real-time. EIKON provides all Reuters news and provides timely, accurate and comprehensive news information to users based on their needs.

Join professional traders:

They have more than 3,00,000 verified and trusted financial professionals who shared vital insights into the market. You can collaborate and gain knowledge from them.

Open platform of Eikon trading software and financial analysis :

It’s an open platform so you can easily build and plug into an array of API’s. Access it when you need information. Unlike the “Closed” model, It’s a catalyst for innovation in financial service industries.


Join Global Markets:

Eikon’s Basic Database covers more than 1,000 research institutions financial information, related documents, and research reports and forecasting in about 106 listed companies in 106 countries.


As a powerful integrated information service platform, the Eikon bond market, the stock market, the foreign exchange market, the money market, the commodity market and the fund market are connected so that financial objectives help the market quickly understand market opportunities in a timely and accurate way.


Eikon tracks the world’s main Economic indicators in real time and provides long-term historical data. At the same time, provide conversions between different times, currencies and units, for each indicator’s characteristics. A deeper analysis of each indicator using powerful Eikon features.


Eikon provides long-lived macro historical information, some of which can be traced back 100 years later.

Eikon covers major Eikonomic indicators and historical data for all countries. At the same time, it covers large information in foreign exchange, bonds, commodities, derivatives, and many other areas.

Authentic Reuters Survey Market provides customers with key insights into financial indicators from the market.

Eikon covers all the securities markets and major share indices in the world. The main index covers related indices like PE, PB and Market Cap. Thomson Reuters Index can show trends in various industries around the world. With a more professional TRBC classification mechanism, comparisons and analysis between the same industries become more scientific and reliable.

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