Apples first 5G iPhone will launch in 2020:

Apple’s first 5G iPhone will launch in 2020:

The 4G era is about to end, and the 5G era is about to open. Many Internet Users have said that the reason why they don’t want to change their mobile phones is that they are afraid of not supporting 5G mobile phones. It can be seen that for major mobile phone manufacturers, who can launch 5G mobile phones faster, it will certainly be welcomed by users!

Apple’s first 5G iPhone


When will Apple’s first 5G iPhone release?

The first 5G iPhone will be released in 2020. According To The The American magazine That familiar with the Apple Project as saying that the 5G iPhone will have a 10nm Intel 8161 baseband built in and is the only baseband model.

That is to say, like this year’s iPhone XS and iPhone XR, the 5G iPhone will adopt the Intel baseband across the board. Apple seems to be trying to weaken its connection with Qualcomm.
According to the latest report, Apple will launch the first iPhone supporting 5G communication in 2020 and plans to continue to exclusively use the Intel 5G baseband.

The iPhone introduced the Intel baseband in 2015. This year’s iPhone XS/XR series was exclusive to the Intel baseband for the first time, but the effect was not satisfactory. Especially the signal problem was widely Poor.
Intel has previously released a 5G baseband, model XMM 8060, which supports the 5G NR new air interface protocol. It also supports millimeter-wave and 6GHz RF solutions and is backward compatible with 2G/3G/4G (including CDM).

But it has the same amount of heat as all 5G basebands, especially when it comes to millimeter waves, which is Apple’s most Disappointed Part.
However, the experimental nature of the XMM 8060 is very strong, mainly for the prototype and testing of the 5G iPhone.

Mobile operators are actively preparing for the next generation of mobile communications technology 5G, and faster cellular network speeds can provide users with better network experience. At the same time, hardware manufacturers are ready to adapt to 5G networks. According to a recent report, Apple will launch 5G mobile phones in 2020.

Approval By US Fed

The US Federal Communications Commission approved Apple’s testing of 5G technology last year, and according to News reports, sources familiar with Apple’s plans point out that Apple’s 5G handset will be announced in 2020. The report also points out that Apple plans to use Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip, although the chip still has technical problems in terms of heat Excess. According to reports, Apple is still negotiating with MediaTek to include its chips in the “B Plan.”

Currently, Apple uses Intel’s chips on its 2018 iPhone line. It is said that in order to win Apple’s 5G modem contract, Intel has thousands of people working on 5G technology.

A number of mobile phone manufacturers have indicated that they will implement 5G mobile phone commercials by 2020, including Vivo, one plus, and millet. Apple may launch the first 5G version of the

Survey by PWC

A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that consumers are not very attractive about 5G. Only 26% of PwC’s 1,000 US Internet users surveyed in September. It said they would purchase new 5G-compatible devices once their wireless service providers began offering services in their area, even if they were not eligible. Upgrade. Another 74% said they would complete the existing contract before the upgrade. iPhone Launch Technology in 2020.

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